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What Makes Our Dogs Great!


Proven AKC Championship Bloodlines

The goal for every breeding is to improve the Golden Retriever breed.  All of our dogs are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the puppies will be able to be registered with a limited registration.  All of our puppies come from long lines of accomplished Field Golden Retrievers.  We research pedigrees and breeders with the mission of finding compatible Goldens that fit our current breeding program and will continue to move it in a positive direction.  All pedigrees and test breedings are available for your perusal.   


Intelligence, Trainability and Temperament

A Lucky Penny Golden will be a dog that will make a positive lasting impression on  you and everyone they meet.  They are highly intelligent which in turn helps them to be highly accomplished in their chosen fields.  At the end of the day, they have a nice on-off switch that makes them a great addition in the home with their loving, family-friendly personalities that compliments their hard-working drive in the field.


Good Looks

Their "stop and stare" good looks and manageable size makes them a show-stopping addition to any family.   They are well proportioned and are structurally sound.  Their colors range from blonde to dark red.

What We Do that Makes Our Dogs Great!


Health and Nutrition

All of our puppies come from parents who have the recommended GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) genetic and OFA (Orthopedic  Foundation of America) clearances and more. All dogs are given supplements daily to build and maintain their structure.  Our moms follow a strict regimen of supplements before, during, and after each pregnancy.  We feed Royal Canin dog food and follow their feeding program guidelines


The Complete Package

When your puppy goes home with you, the two of you will have everything you need for a great start.  All puppies will have their dew claws removed, wormed 2-3 times, their first round of shots, micro-chipped, vet checked and a two year health guarantee  All the puppies will be socialized daily using early neurological stimulation exercises.  The puppies will be exposed to age appropriate multi-sensory activities and toys plus exposure to various social interactions. 


Our Promise to You

Our puppies are an extension of our family.  With that in mind we promise to do everything in our power to produce top notch Golden Retriever puppies that will be successful additions to you and your family.  We put everything we've got into these puppies so they can give you everything they've got.  We strive to be the Golden Retriever breeder that sets the standard for Golden Retriever breeders and champion Golden puppies!

Looking for a Golden? Watch for updates on planned litters!

Planned Litters

THE PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED! TNT's Stanley Steamer x PRR's Lyla's Pink Moon - born July 18, 2019

We are excited to announce the AI breeding of Lyla and Stanley and the birth of eight puppies - 2 males and 6 females on July 18th.  Puppies are still available. All puppies will complete their genetic testing and the results will be available to potential families.  This performance litter is sure to impress no matter what the setting for these puppies!  We chose this breeding to produce outstanding field-bred puppies that will have high desire and a lot of go!!  This litter will be a great combination of talent, drive, and trainability. These puppies should be extremely suitable for many venues but in particular field trials and hunt tests!! They will be extremely trainable and talented.  We are very excited for this litter as we feel it will produce puppies that competitive people will love to own and train, but will definitely be a great fit for hunting/pet homes that want a talented hunting dog with an on/off switch. These puppies will be gold in color and weigh approximately 60-70 lbs. as adults. If you are looking for a field trial/hunt test competitor, tournament dog in obedience, or top level agility dog – whatever your goals, these pups will have the work ethic, stability and the ability to bring it to the table.

Test Breeding


Stanley's Accomplishments:

  • Stanley is the first and only Golden to get both Open and Amateur Championship titles in both Canada and the United States.
  • The only dog to achieve four Championship FIELD TRIAL TITLES plus American and Canadian OTCH titles...all by five years of age
  • Stanley has six perfect 200 point scores in the obedience ring, and one in Utility B. 
  • Stanley was the 2007 #1 Amateur Golden in the US and Canada, and the 2010 #1 Amateur Golden in the US. 
  • Stanley is considered one of the greatest Golden Retrievers of our time.
  • See more of Stanley on his web site: 

Pedigree/Clearance Information

PRR's Lyla's Pink Moon

Lyla is a very pretty, eager to please girl with a long and lean build.  She is athletic and fast with good structure.  She is biddable and has a sweet nature.  She is easy to train picking up things quickly.    Her affectionate nature makes her a joy to work with.  She does an  excellent job of checking in.  She has a determined focus, drive and a nice on/off switch.  Lyla's pedigree features a lot of the old kennels who have years of successful and award winning proven breeding.  Her pedigree compliments Stanley's very well.

pedigree/clearance information

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